A1 French, Spanish and German courses (for beginners)

Learning a language is all fun and games!

Learning French, Spanish or German should never be a chore. This is why our language courses are designed to be enjoyable and entertaining.

Students will be learning the language at an A1 level in two years and will do so through games, songs and interactive activities.

The course will be delivered by English School teachers and will allow students to:

  • Understand and use very common everyday expressions and simple phrases for immediate needs.
  • Introduce themselves and other people and can ask and answer questions about personal details, such as where they live, things they have and people they know.

At the end of the two-year course, they will have the opportunity to take the A1 certificate and move on to the next level.

These courses are open to children aged 11 to 14 years old.

Teachers will be using textbooks, which have been designed specifically for children learning the language at an A1 level.

The following textbooks will be used:

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