Preparatory Classes for Entry to Private English Schools

Preparatory Classes

Our PREP programme focuses on literacy, numeracy, problem-solving and reasoning skills to ensure our pupils are well-prepared for the entrance examination. We offer targeted support to your child as well as build on their key skills.

We have wide experience of preparing pupils for this exam and have a good knowledge of the content and layout of the papers. This ensures that our pupils are familiar with the content of each of these papers and are confident and well-prepared when sitting the examination. 

Our Institute also offers preparatory classes in Maths, Greek or English to students in year 5 or 6 of Greek or English primary schools. 

Lessons are taught by very experienced and qualified Teachers.

1. Priority for places in Year 6 Prep classes will be given to students intending to sit entrance examinations in English.
2. Registrations for the prep classes are accepted on the basis that students will attend both Term 1 and 2 classes.