02 English for Native Speakers

English for Native Speakers

Our Native Speaker classes are suitable for English-speaking students who attend Greek primary schools.

These classes are uniquely designed for children who have attended an English nursery, lived abroad and/or speak English at home. Currently, there are 6 levels in the programme, beginning with NSP for students who will be attending Pre-school (pupils aged 5-6). NSP meets only once a week for 55 minutes, whereas NS1 – NS5 have lessons twice a week for 85 minutes.


The NSP lessons are offered free of charge. All instruction in our Native Speaker programme is exclusively in English using books from the UK.


Our classes focus on developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, connecting with the National Literacy Strategy in England.



The NS teachers are all native speakers themselves and are highly qualified and experienced educators. From learning how to write the alphabet to write complex compositions students are encouraged and progressively challenged in a supportive environment throughout our Native Speaker programme.


Progress reports are issued twice a year for all classes.  Teachers, Heads of Departments and the Headmaster are available for individual meetings by appointment.